Borid Powder

CB Borid Boric Acid Dust is a natural insecticide; it poisons pests as soon as they consume it. CB Borid Boric Acid Dust is odorless, long-lasting, effective as long as it remains dry and accessible to insects. It is proven to control crawling insects in commercial and residential locations.

Borid with 99% Boric Acid Dust - 25 lb Pail Features:

  • Odorless, non-volatile powder
  • Considered a safe alternative than more hazardous synthetic chemical pesticides
  • Not much more toxic than table salt
  • Non-toxic to people and pets
  • Deadly to cockroaches, ants, termites, silverfish and other common household insects

Borid with 99% Boric Acid Dust - 25 lb Pail Uses / Applications:
FOR USE IN homes, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, warehouses, mobile homes, hotels, offices, apartments, attics, nursing homes, ships, yachts, buses, kennels, zoos, new building construction, sewers and hospitals.

Apply in small amounts directly into cracks and crevices using a hand duster such as the Centrobulb or the White Crusader.

Boric Acid Is Considered By By Many To Be Organic. It's Odorless and 100% Effective Against Roaches, Ants, Crickets, Silverfish, Firebrats and numerous other crawling insects. An industry standard !

1 pound of dust covers approximately 1,000 square feet.

Borid with 99% Boric Acid Dust - 25 lb Pail Target Pests:
Kills: Cockroaches, Palmetto Bugs, Waterbugs, Ants, Silverfish, and Darkling Beetles.

Borid with 99% Boric Acid Dust - 25 lb Pail Active Ingredients:
Orthoboric Acid......................................99.0%

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