Maxforce FC Magnum

New Maxforce FC Magnum is the most powerful cockroach bait gel ever! With its powerful contact kill and the magnified Domino Effect make Maxforce FC Magnum the next generation of roach killer bait gel!

Get ready for the fastest, most complete control with Maxforce FC Magnum! You're getting five times more fipronil with Maxforce FC Magnum. You're also getting the Simply Irresistible bait formula that attracts even the most finicky cockroaches. But they don't have to ingest it. Maxforce FC Magnum's ContactX technology kills on contact too. This powerful contact kill and the magnified Domino Effect make Maxforce FC Magnum the next generation of roach killer bait gel!

Maxforce FC Magnum Features:
* Kills roaches quickly
* See visible results overnight
* Long lasting control
* Contains Fipronil, which kills roaches by ingestion and contact. During-or- After foraging roaches either eat or contact the bait, they return to the harborage and contaminate -or- kill other roaches.
* No vapor, fumes or odor
* For indoor and outdoor uses
* Use outdoors to prevent large roaches (American, Oriental, Brown, Smokey Brown) from coming indoors

Maxforce FC Magnum Uses:
INDOOR USE: For roach gel: Application rate is dependent on level of infestation and species to be controlled. See Application Rate Table. Inject bait as a bead into cracks and crevices or apply as a spot. The lower application rate should be used for low to moderate infestations or retreatments, and the higher rate for more severe infestations or where the population occurs in inaccessible areas. Gel placements should be at or near harborages or aggregation areas, such as corners or cracks and crevices. Numerous smaller placements will provide faster control than fewer larger spots, especially for German cockroach control.

Place bait under baseboards, sinks, countertops, seats, around water pipes, water heaters, dishwasher equipment, in crack and crevices as well as voids where insects harbor.

FOR OUTDOOR USE (adjacent to home -or- structure): Place bait in areas adjacent to structures where large roaches may nest or breed. Apply bait to potential points of insect entry, such as eaves, sills, and expansion joints.

Apply bait in protected areas whenever possible. Environmental stresses such as direct sunlight and water will reduce the residual effectiveness.

Priority treatment areas may be identified by visual inspection of such areas listed above or aided by trapping techniques or spot flushing.

Maxforce FC Magnum Target Pests:

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