Maxforce FC Professional Roach Bait Gel

Use Maxforce FC in cockroach infestations that appear to be resistant to the original Hydramethylnon formula. Forget about spraying or removing things from cabinets, use Maxforce FC in pea sized placements in corners of cabinets, around doors, windows, cracks, crevices and other places where roaches hide. Works great on ALL species of roaches. 

Maxforce FC Professional Roach Killer Bait Gel Features:
* 500 Placements per syringe !
* Used by all the pros ! 
* Works great in homes, apartments and restaurants.
* Kills roaches quickly by ingestion and contact and killing other roaches
* No vapor
* No fumes
* No odor

Maxforce FC Professional Roach Killer Bait Gel Uses / Applications:
MAXFORCE FC Professional Insect Control Roach Killer Bait Gel may be used as a spot or crack and crevice treatment for the indoor and outdoor (adjacent to homes & structures) control of cockroaches in residential areas and the non-food/non-feed areas of institutional, warehousing and commercial establishments, including warehouses, restaurants, food processing plants, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, motels, hotels, apartment buildings, bakeries, beverage plants, breweries, bottling facilities, candy plants, canneries, cereal processing and manufacturing plants, dairies and dairy product processing plants, frozen food plants, schools, laboratories, computer facilities, sewers, aircraft, buses, boats/ships, trains, homes, houses, industrial buildings, office buildings, kennels, kitchens, manufacturing facilities, spice plants, stores, wineries, mausoleums, meat processing and packaging plants, meat and vegetable canneries, pet shops and zoos. Non-food/non-feed areas include bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, closets, media rooms, garbage rooms, lavatories, entries, vestibules, offices, locker rooms, machine rooms, boiler rooms, garages, mop closets and storage (after canning or bottling). This product may also be used in food/feed areas of food/feed handling establishments as outlined below.

Place bait under baseboards, sinks, countertops, seats, around water pipes, water heaters, dishwasher equipment, in crack and crevices as well as voids where insects harbor.

For outdoor use (adjacent to home -or- structure): Place bait in areas adjacent to structures where roaches may nest or breed. Apply bait to potential points of insect entry, such as eaves, sills, and expansion joints. Apply bait in protected areas whenever possible. Environmental stresses such as direct sunlight and water will reduce the residual effectiveness.

INDOOR USE: Applications in Food/Feed Handling Establishments: Application within food/feed areas of food/feed handling establishments is limited to crack and crevice treatment only. If gel contacts an exposed surface where food is handled, remove gel and wash exposed surface with an effective cleaning compound followed by a potable water rinse prior to use. Apply with Maxforce Bait Injector directly into cracks and crevices. Place applicator tip 1/2 inch into cracks, crevices, holes and other small openings where roaches may be a problem. Apply small amounts of gel per spot. Do not apply bait to areas where food/feed, utensils or processing surfaces may become contaminated. Do not apply bait to areas that are routinely washed such as cracks and crevices in tops of tables, food/feed preparation and prepared food holding surfaces as bait may be removed by washing. Do not apply bait to surfaces where the temperature exceeds 130?F as bait may run. Examples include, but are not limited to, portions of stoves, ovens, grills, fume hoods, heat lamps, coffee urns, steam tables, toasters, fryers, dishwashers and hot water pipes. Care should be taken to avoid depositing gel onto exposed surfaces. If gel contacts an exposed surface, remove gel and wash exposed surface.

Food/feed areas include areas for receiving, storage, packing (canning, bottling, wrapping, boxing), preparing edible waste storage, and enclosed processing systems (mills, dairies, edible oils, syrups). Serving areas are also considered a food/feed area when food is exposed and facility is in operation. Apply bait in small amounts between different elements of construction, between equipment and floors, openings leading into voids and hollow spaces in floors, walls, ceilings, equipment legs and bases, around plumbing pipes, doors and windows, behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks, closets, stoves and other equipment where cockroaches hide. During follow-up visits inspect bait placements and reapply when necessary.

Application of this product in food/feed areas of food/feed handling establishments other than as a crack and crevice treatment is not permitted.

Maxforce FC Professional Roach Killer Bait Gel Active Ingredient:

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