Resolv Soft Bait

Resolv soft bait rodenticide gives you strong results while lowering your cost-per-placement expenses. It contains the most commonly used active ingredient, bromadiolone, in a superior, soft bait formulation. Aroma escapes through the pouch to encourage feeding. It contains food grade oil and grains and is nut-free. Without seeds, it reduces debris and service time. Bittering agent is added to help avoid accidental consumption.

  • Greater performance versus traditional mini blocks.
  • Contains no wax, enhancing palatability and integrity, even in hot environments.
  • Can be secured using a feeding device like SoftSecure Technology™ (SST) or by using vertical or horizontal rods, reducing the chance of translocation by the rodents.
  • Product labels allow the PMP to peel off paper and place the soft bait directly onto a feeding device like the SST.
  • Available in the 12g pouch and now in the larger 40g size.
  • Choose from 16 lb. pail of 12g pouches or a 16 lb. pail of 40g pouches with 15 SSTs.
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